About the Advantage of Electrical Panel Upgrades


To keep your home electrical accident proof, electrical panel upgrades should be done in a timely manner.  There is a circuit breaker for each circuit that is situated at the board and the circuits supply electricity to the home.  The purpose of the circuit breaker is to break power supply anytime power surges occur, this is in an effort protect the home. The breaker prevents damages that can be caused by power surges.  The purpose of service panels is to cut the supply of power anytime there is overheating or power surges. The work of the breaker is to stop electrical supply in the home.

There are factors that can decrease the reliability of the circuit breakers, this calls for the need for a panel upgrade from time to time.   Ineffective wires are to blame for most of the fire accidents that occur in America. The older the home is the more the risk of fire due to faulty wires.   Old homes are susceptible to such fires.   It is important that the system is upgraded if cables do not meet the standard requirements or the insulation and other parts have worn out.    You will be aware about the status of the electrical panel when you notice telling signs.  When lights flicker, burning smells come from electronics, sockets emit sparks and power outlets are discoloured, there is a need to be concerned.

Any home built before 1960 has less circuits that use fuses.  Only 30-90 amps for the entire home can be handled by the fuses.  Today, such fuses is not adequate for the needs of a home.   Today between 100 and 400 amperes of power will suffice a modern house.  The threat of fire is increased by the fuses in the old homes.  To protect the home from fire tragedies, the fuses need to be replaced with circuit breakers. Know about Residential Electrician Philadelphia here!

 This will also need an electrical panel upgrade anytime there is a new electronic appliance that consumes a lot of power. It could be a hot bath tub or an air conditioner.  The circuit breaker will keep on breaking power as long as the electronic appliances overpower the amp capacity.  Do an upgrade of the electrical panel if the outlets do not suffice the number of home appliances that need to be plugged in.

There should be minimal use of strips and cords because they increase the risks of fire.  Only a professional Panel Upgrades Philadelphia contractor should undertake the task of outlets and circuits installation.   Doing this protects the home from the accidents that are caused by fire.  Take action immediately you realize unusual functioning of appliances.


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